Tamanu oil is the least popular one among other vegetable oils that are used in the cosmetic industry. However, surely many enthusiasts of using natural oils and organic cosmetics will be familiar with this one as well. Let’s introduce tamanu tree oil – remarkably rich composition, excellent quality and a variety of purposes. So what is tamanu oil like?


In southeastern region of Asia and in Madagascar you can encounter evergreen tree of Tamanu that blooms twice a year to give fruit resembling the taste of an apple. Every fruit contains just one seed that needs to dry for about two months. Later on, the seed is being cold pressed. This is the process to get pure oil which is also called kamani oil. In order to produce 1kg of oil, it is necessary to collect about 20kg of fruit. This is the reason why this product is easily classified as more expensive and definitely more luxurious than others.

The oil on its own is greasy with an intense aroma and with dark green colour. It consists of a combination of unsaturated fatty acids: 49% Oleic acid, 21% Linoleic acid, 15% Palmitic acid, 12% Stearic acid, and an unknown dose of Calophyllum oil. However, it is not all what tamanu has to offer because you can find many other nutrients such as turmeric, sterols, glycolipids, phospholipids, and resin.

    • Tamanu vs castor: antibacterial, untypical oils of great power

      Tamanu vs castor: antibacterial, untypical oils of great power

      Tamanu oil gives great benefits for acne-prone skin. This untypical, strongly-disinfecting oil heals acne blemishes, and apart from caring for oily skin, it works well for greasy, thick, flat hair lacking volume. The price of good-quality tamanu oil is quite steep whereas the oil itself gets mixed opinions as it fails to cure some forms of acne. When striving for flawless skin and voluminous hair, tamanu turns out to be defeated by… castor oil! Choosing the classics is worth it! …Read More »
    • Why It Is Worth Using Other Cosmetics Than Tamanu Oil?

      Why It Is Worth Using Other Cosmetics Than Tamanu Oil?

      Tamanu oil is an exotic oil, willingly used in hair and scalp care. It is also referred to as bio-oil because it contains large amounts of unsaturated fatty acids. They are responsible for moisturising and nourishing. What is more, tamanu oil also provides antioxidant effects – it destroys free radicals that accelerate ageing processes. It helps in fighting dandruff and psoriasis, prevents alopecia and greying, prevents hair follicles inflammation as well as soothes the itching and redness of the scalp. …Read More »
    • 7 problems that tamanu oil can deal with,

      7 problems that tamanu oil can deal with,

      100-percent, tamanu oil extract that comes from Asian tree nuts, is a unique therapeutic and conditioning remedy. It is known to have the best qualities among the same types of oils. Knowing it is rather an expensive and luxurious product, it is not used too  often in our home spa. Nevertheless, it is worth investing your money. Let the 7 most popular problems that tamanu oil can deal with, be the best proof. 1. Skin changes and skin imperfections Tamanu …Read More »
    • Tamanu oil – diverse properties in few drops

      Tamanu oil – diverse properties in few drops

      Tamanu oil – has very intense, nourishing and highly conditioning properties. It is being obtained in the South of Asia and on the Madagascar, out of dry nuts of evergreen Calophyllum inophyllum trees. It is cold pressed and has very divers composition with an immense number of properties. Is tamanu oil suitable for body and hair care? What is the tamanu oil like? Extracted from the Tamanu tree, oil is relatively thick, greasy, dark and aromatic. Its scent resembles herbal …Read More »
    • Interesting Facts About Tamanu Oil – might be new for you.

      Interesting Facts About Tamanu Oil – might be new for you.

      Tamanu Oil offers wonderful properties. It is extracted from dried stones of an Asian ever-green tree which bears the same name. It has numerous properties but most important ones are: antimycotic , anti-inflammatory, antibacterial and moisturizing. However, today we’re going to focus on the interesting facts about this exotic oil. TAMANU OIL… … smells like stock cube. For many women, who value unbelievable properties and effectiveness of tamanu oil, the scent is its largest drawback. Tamanu oil’s aroma resembles stock …Read More »

Tamanu oil has numerous properties that are essential in cosmetology and alternative medicine. Not without a reason tamanu oil is used as an active ingredient to many ointments, anti-acne products, cosmetics used to reduce the appearance of scars and stretch marks, body lotions and a wide variety of other cosmetics. What is more, it can be used as a natural ingredient to enhance the results of hair wash, oil masks, and to improve other cosmetics that are used daily.

Tamanu oil has not only strong anti-inflammatory actions but it is also regenerating to broken cells, hydrating, relaxing, and decreasing the tension of the skin. It combines antibacterial, antiviral, demulcent, increasing immunology, speeding healing processes, antifungal, antirheumatic, analgesic, bacteriostatic features as well as protecting, for example against harmful UV radiation.