7 problems that tamanu oil can deal with,

100-percent, tamanu oil extract that comes from Asian tree nuts, is a unique therapeutic and conditioning remedy. It is known to have the best qualities among the same types of oils. Knowing it is rather an expensive and luxurious product, it is not used too  often in our home spa. Nevertheless, it is worth investing your money. Let the 7 most popular problems that tamanu oil can deal with, be the best proof.

1. Skin changes and skin imperfections

Tamanu oil is especially used in treating acne prone skin, that needs to be dealt with by reaching the origins of the problem. tamanu oil brightens hyperpigmentation, provides elasticity and heals inflammation that can cause redness or darkening of the skin. 

2. Acne, cold sore

Kamani oil which is cold pressed straight from tamanu seeds, provides strong antibacterial, antibiotical and anti-inflammatory actions. Thanks to this characteristics and combined fatty acids, it is crucial when dealing with acne prone skin.

3. Fungus

Tamanu tree oil is an excellent antifungal product. Rubbing it regularly directly onto infected areas can bring surprising effects such as eliminating fungus, as well as protecting skin and nails from the relapse.

4. Scars, new stretch marks

The influence of the tamanu bio oil on reducing new stretch marks and scars has been confirmed by the BioScience Laboratories in 2001. After two months of regular usage of  tamanu oil (preferably twice a day), affected areas are visibly improved. Scars seem to be smaller and as a result less visible.

5. Callousing, cracked skin

Tamanu oil characteristic are well known since ages ago – for example: excellent regeneration, restructuration and hydration of even the deepest parts of the skin. The problem of callousing, cracked heel or elbow skin is easy to eliminate by applying only a few drops of tamanu oil onto affected areas.

 6. First signs of aging

Tamanu oil is often used as protective means due to its active ingredients that help especially when the skin is exposed to excessive sunshine. It results in the skin being visibly younger. Additional smoothing actions make sure the skin looks more vital and vivid.

7. Broken capillaries, varicose veins

Many wonderful features of tamanu oil help to make the fractured blood vessels regeneration process faster and stimulate blood circulation. Applying oil onto the skin makes it easier to eliminate the problem of broken capillaries due to the fact that blood vessels are being strengthen. When it comes to varicose veins, they appear less visible and less problematic.